AEC Iluminazione


AEC products are the result of a multidisciplinary project that is developed within modern workspaces dedicated to production units and sophisticated laboratories where safety and performance are tested by qualified and constantly updated personnel. The philosophy of the company, based on the concept of “total quality system”, predicts the concentration of all phases of production in the Italian headquarters: from design to production and distribution of the product. The investment in the technological modernization of the product coincides with the care dedicated to the search for shapes and aesthetics and the concept of quality merges, without exceptions, with that of functionality and exclusivity and with the care for the detail typical of products made in Italy.

Some Products


ALO is AEC’s new 100% Made in Italy LED projector, specifically designed for lighting sports facilities.


High quality light, excellent color, rendering, high energy saving. ITALO is an efficient LED luminaire technology for public lighting.


GQ1 is a new series of luminaires with a functional and sophisticated design. It offers high energy efficiency and ensures high visual comfort and safety in workplaces.