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Lighting Specialists

Professional Lighting Projects.

Inteligis is a Mexican company with a unique style and exclusive know-how, specialized in the development of professional lighting and energy saving projects with a proven track record and successful projects for more than fifteen years.

Talent and degree of technical specialization are projected in each of our lighting projects, managing to create the maximum benefit, with proven results and total satisfaction of needs for our clients.


Road Lighting

Comercial Lighting

Specialized Lighting

Sports lighting

Industrial Lighting

Architectural Lighting

We provide comprehensive and innovative lighting solutions with global standards of competitiveness and high added value in the energy and IoT sectors, smart cities, for Latin American markets.

Engineering Lighting Specialized Area

  • Electrical installation
  • Compliance Tests with Official Mexican Standards
  • Lighting calculations
  • Renderings of Lighting Projects
  • Preparation of Plans
  • Services with technical specialization with a technical degree in comprehensive lighting projects.

Our lighting concept as a service: together, with our intelligent control systems, high tech luminaires, and the power of the cloud (Iot) we implement fully intelligent lighting areas, which through statistics we improve efficiency and total control, for a rational use of energy achieving drastic savings of 80% energy in lighting.