Philips with its architectural lighting line; Color Kinetics that stands out from the rest. Over the years it has acquired the prestige to entrust the lighting of the most emblematic structures in the world. They have the technology and unrivaled experience in the most demanding projects: from office buildings, elegant commercial and hospitality interiors to bridges and public squares. Based on experience, technology and connection with lighting professionals, they design and develop innovative solutions that meet the changing and expanding needs of the lighting industry.

Some Products

Blast gen4

Blast luminaires set the standard for flow lighting delivering high-quality light and uncompromising performance with exceptional reliability.

Familia Reach Powercore

Transform a wide range of buildings and structures with the hard-working luminaire that can do it all.
The Reach family of luminaires is incredibly popular with lighting designers and building owners.

Reach Elite

ReachElite provides exceptional light to bridges, facades, monuments and skyscrapers, illuminating the tallest structures and highlighting detail up to 564 m (1852 ft) away with the 300 W luminaire.